Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cycling Energy

Several years ago I saw a picture of hands set in a beautiful positioning as to allow energy to continuously cycle throughout the body. I believe the picture was an Indian painting and was in a local weekly magazine. I was living in Berkeley at the time. I loved the image for a mosaic and soon after created the hands on a "temple-like" substrate, out of gold mirror and gold sparkling glass.

Well, that was as far as the piece got for many years. It sat in my studio, in a few different apartments, even drove across the country with me. A pair of meditating gold hands waiting for an environment. Background ideas came and went until this past summer. One of the most amazing aspects of these forms of artistic craftsmanship is how you absolutely have to be ready to create something. The timing has got to be just right. It cannot not always be forced. Sure if I consciously sat down with this piece, gave myself a deadline and actively tried out ideas I am sure it would have taken shape. Well I never did that with this one.

This past summer, 2012, I brought the piece, tools, and some glass out to a field and worked. I had chosen some glass in the days before in shades of purples and blues. This was the day because it just happened.
 I wanted the hands surrounded in peaceful beauty. A garden. An archway of flowers hanging, growing.

Being on this arched base it felt like a fresco that needed a border. The flowers were created from many bits of glass from my collection. Many pieces of pinks and green are mouth blown flash glass, other glass opaque, textured, solid. There really is quite a variety of glass types in this piece.

And there it was finally after all of these years. The hands have their home. This piece is ready to hang, equipped with hanging hardware.
  It is for sale on my Etsy site.