Monday, August 5, 2013

A Weekend of Mosaics and Tequila!

This past Friday, I packed up the car and headed to Maine to teach Mosaic Birdbaths to a super fun group of woman, AKA The Tequila Club. These women have been friends since high school days and still get together several times a year for fun, music, great food, and Tequila! My Aunt Karen is one of these wild women and asked a while ago if I would teach them a mosaic birdbath workshop as one of their get togethers. I loved the idea. Eventually the weekend arrived and it was a blast!

I brought 18" raw concrete birdbaths, tools and supplies, and buckets full of stained glass, tiles, broken dishes, and various fun gems and jewels. My Volvo wagon was definately low ridin'. Saturday morning I set up Karen's garage and awaited everyone's arrival.
With a demo on tools, materials, and design we got started.  Everyone was happy and anxious to dive into the materials and start designing their pieces. It is always fun to watch everyone begin to grab pieces that they are drawn to for one reason or another. Some know what they want to do right off the bat and never waver, while others grab a few pieces of inspiration and wonder how on Earth it will come together. It always does. Everytime! I love knowing this.

As designs started to take form the ladies began exploring with tools. What nippers for what materials. There were lots of questions, gladly received. Tool use is extremely important to me. If someone is to ever do this again they will need the basis of proper tool use.

With this crowd there were some extra tools. Cocktails and shots! While I probably won't begin suggesting Tequila for classes, it sure did take the edge off and create a fun environment. These girls sure know how to step away from their work and take a break. Very important! 

 And the food... Look at this lunch break. Yum! They also know how to eat. Oh my!

After a lovely lunch, and a mortar demo, the ladies began sticking down pieces. This is a tough commitment for some people but I always encourage at this point for students to embrace their instincts and go for it.


It is so fun to watch the art pieces take shape and see everyone use the tools without asking how anymore. Each piece so unique and everyone's process so individual. As always some finished sooner than others but these friends jumped in to help others when they were stuck for ideas or just needed another set of hands. These were big projects and challenging work for someone's first time doing a mosaic. It was a very long day. I think everyone was ready for the projects to wrap up for the day. They worked on another amazing meal while I cleaned up the workspace and prepped for grouting the next morning. What a fun night of hot tubbing, food, drinks and well deserved relaxation.

Day 2 began after breakfast. The ladies were so excited to go revisit their pieces. They were curious and nervous about grouting. I did a demo, we chose colors and we began to mix grout. 

These ladies worked really hard and boy did it pay off. Their works of mosaic art turned out fantastic. 

 The Tequila Girls and their mosaic projects.
 and their proud teacher. Thanks for having me ladies and I am so glad you enjoyed!