Monday, September 9, 2013

OOooo I can Mosaic that!

I was recently photographing many mosaic art pieces that I have had in storage or filling up my studio and as I prepare for baby to arrive in January, have decided to get out there into the world for sale. I spent a while adding them to my Etsy Store and found myself remembering when I made each piece. A few I made last week but some have been in my life for many years. I studied Mosaic and Stained Glass art in the East Bay in California from 2002-2009 and have continued on in my travels back East. I am sure I have mentioned before that when I drove out of San Francisco I had nothing in my rental car but some personal belongings and my entire glass studio, including a mannequin that I was going to someday mosaic, (still have to do it, eek!).
So anyways, as I photographed some of this older early work I found this...
This was one of the first mosaics that I did on a random found piece of wood. I remember the day. I was at the Ashby Flea Market in Berkeley, which was a fairly regular Saturday trip. I was digging through someone's boxes of ol' fun junk and found an oval of wood with one of those lacquered on pictures. I have no idea now what it was of. Quite possibly a religious image. I was starting to get into mosaics as I had been doing stained glass and had tons of scrap glass. I saw this random wooden oval and thought, " OOOoooo, I could mosaic that!"

Since that day I have re-purposed many random items including a children's head board, a guitar, old window sashes, and many pieces of leftover scrap wood from our apartment building restoration job.
jelly sample jar

on a scrap piece of 2x4 from building project

Clear glass vase from thrift store

2006 Guitar

Children's size headboard found on the side of the road in Berkeley

I know I am not alone.  All mosaic artists have had that moment of "OOOooo I could mosaic that!" Someday I will get to that Mannequin.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

NEW (and old) Mosaics on Etsy!

I spent the other day photographing many of my mosaics, new and old and I have put them all onto my Etsy site for sale!