Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 years from Cali

Well, I clearly have not posted much if at all in 2014. In January my best little creation, Sadie Jayne, arrived putting all other artworks aside. Any work that I have attempted or created on commission have been in mosaic as the lead content in stained glass is not something we want in our home or fumes of flux in the air.

My train of thought today leads me to stained glass, as lately I am inspired to create some pieces again someday, it has been so long, and I have been back from California for 5 years. Well, it was 5 years in July of this year. What an awesome 5 years they have been but I just can't believe it has been that long away from Cali. In all honesty it seems like a lot longer ago being that my life has zero connection to that past life on a day to day basis.

California and stained glass are somewhat synonymous to me. When I arrived in the Bay area in 2002 I was offered a job at The Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley. They said that in order to work there I would need to learn stained glass. Well, I did learn and it became a huge part of my life and relationships there. Since it is on my mind today, I felt like looking back through a handful of the pieces that I have made in the past and sharing them. I do have another piece in the works that will grace our apartment building in Montpelier, Vermont. The pattern is drawn and transferred onto pattern paper. We'll have to see how long it is until it hangs! Until then enjoy these throwbacks...

Pattern owned by Stained Glass Garden, Designed by Sabina Frank

And a sneaky peak of the next piece to come...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Veggie Inspirations

So often inspiration is discovered in natural design. For me, I see stained glass design all around and I always want to capture and share it. Some things are just already broken up into cut-able pieces. There is the very clearly stained glass butterfly wings and leaf veins but for years I have enjoyed cutting into fruits and vegetables to find amazing patterns, not to mention colors. Inspiration is everywhere...now to find, wait, MAKE the time to turn it into artworks.

Watermelon. Look closely to find a pattern of 3 equal parts with swirls splitting off of the ends around the seeds.

Standard tomato in quarters. Different patterns created when cut in different directions. Heirlooms make the best patterns. My next veggie inspiration photoshoot!


Rings! Look at these magnificent beets! Gorgeous patterns

Scallops! This mushroom creates a lovely scalloped edge, a design often used in mosaic and stained glass design.

Circles! Many many overlapping round shapes creates great depth in mosaic and stained glass design.