Thursday, December 11, 2014

Snowy Day Mosaics

Last Saturday I held a Mixed Media Mosaic Holiday Gifts Workshop at ReSOURCE in Barre.
I am excited with this partnership especially with the creative re-use possibilities for mosaic art. It was a snowy day but 6 folks came out. What a great group it was too. We went over the basics of what we would be making that day, mosaics in general, the materials and tools we would be using and then the students got to work picking out their tesserae from the stash of items I supplied. Students scavenged the store for there surfaces/ substrates These projects would be for decorative, indoor use due to their one day, non grouted technique. They decorated picture frames, wall hanging art pieces, shelves, candle holders and wine bottle holders. So fun! They used up lots of my goodies; beads, buttons, custom tiles with vintage imagery, glass, jewelry, etc. giving me the excuse to collect more fun random gems and jewels.

ReSOURCE VT is a nonprofit community enterprise with locations in Barre, Burlington and Morrisville. 

"ReSOURCE’s mission is to meet community and individual needs through (1) education and job skills training, (2) environmental stewardship, and (3) economic opportunities.

ReSOURCE’s Operational Mission
In pursuit of this mission, ReSOURCE will:
* Operate reuse facilities, provide professional services, and offer training programs
* Maximize the connections and synergies that exist between the three components of its mission
* Serve disadvantaged youth and individuals who are homeless, unemployed, receive public assistance,
   or struggle with a disability or other barriers to employment
* Collaborate with other community organizations and serve as a community resource
* Cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit that will allow the organization to grow to meet evolving challenges
* Develop staff capabilities and teamwork through continuous learning, evaluation, and challenge
* All of these activities will be consistent with ReSOURCE’s charitable purposes as a 501(c)3

 I will be teaching more classes in 2015. Looking forward to getting into some more advanced classes and building on this relationship with ReSOURCE VT!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Work for Sale at ReSOURCEVT

Come down to ReSOURCE Barre to see a few pieces of my Mosaic and Stained Glass artworks. Find works in the art gallery as well as out in the store. Some old, some new! Jewelry and tumbled glass as well!

Mosaic Hand House

"Day by a Yellow Tree" Stepping Stone

"Serenity" in the store front window

"Audrey" Mosaic

Tiny Mosaic Jar