Monday, December 14, 2015

Fun with Ornaments!

Hey there and Happy Holidays! Tonight myself, my daughter and a friend had a jolly good time making mini mosaic tree ornaments. I brought out my huge vessel of jewels and gems, mixed up a nice batch of red tile adhesive and a pile of metal jar tops destined for the recycling bin. How fun and festive! I wasn't sure if the little one would make a huge mess but luckily she was more interested in dumping the beads out on the table than playing with pigmented glue. Beads I can clean up. She did highly enjoy sticking some gems into the bed of adhesive and was very proud with each piece. I must admit my personal pride in watching her mosaic for the first time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Collection...

Lately I have been going through my art materials. Mainly tile, broken dishes and various mosaic scrap supplies. I have endless boxes and I am looking to de-stash! I am moving my studio to Bethel, Vermont and looking to carry only the materials that I cannot live without. There is plenty of wonderful scrap tiles available and I am gathering it together into color collections and selling it on my Etsy site.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Color Inspiration for today... Lavender! As summer is here in all of it's glory I think of colors and scents and today this cam to me and I must share. Have a purple field of lavender sort of day!

Amongst the prayer flags....

Hey there, It has been a long while. I just wanted to stop by and share that you can now find my window "Serenity" hanging in the lovely gift shop Global Gifts on Langdon Street in downtown Montpelier, Vermont, across from Onion River Sports and around the corner from Three Penny Taproom. I think it looks quite nice hanging amongst the prayer flags and colorful scarves. If you are in the area go in and check it out. On a sunny day it just lights up!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sun Warmed glass

The springtime weather has finally arrived in Vermont. I am working on a commissioned mosaic on my front porch in the sun. Remembering how lovely it is to cut sun-warmed glass.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


I was recently approached by an old friend to make a stained glass for his wife, another old friend. A good friend that I miss and have not seen in at least 6 years since I returned to the East. It was to be a birthday gift and I was told that the design was in my hands. The window was to be installed into their home in an interior transom window over a doorway.

It was so easy to design this piece. In years past my friend and I connected through our kindred love of fairies and goddesses and butterflies. She introduced me to the Mists of Avalon, tales of priestesses in the days of King Arthur and we even attended a renaissance fair in costume. I also thought of her tattoo which I remember to be a gypsy women with a red bandana. I initially thought of Mucha's women and did some looking around. Then I began to draw. Inspiration combined with my memories of this awesome woman turned into an image of a woman with her eyes closed in blissful peace, her bundled hair (under a red bandana) becoming unraveled in the wind and turning into a vine of flowers holding a butterfly.
I had fun with this and getting back into stained glass felt good. Really good. I was glad to hear that this piece arrived safely in Oregon and that it was well received.

drawing the cartoon

Choosing glass

cutting glass pieces to pattern

Wrapping each piece with copper foil

Each piece foiled in copper tape
Each piece copper foiled

Soldered together

All framed up and ready for shipping

Excited to send this one off to Oregon to it's new home!

A safe arrival! Enjoy and thanks for the order. You have a thoughtful husband!

Monday, March 30, 2015


Lately owls seem to be surrounding me. I have been working on the "Guardian Owl" window for the peak of our apartment building. It is coming along. My daughter has also begun to recognize owls in pictures and tossing out the more and more frequent "hoot, hoot" sound when she sees them. Yesterday, I was taking her for a quick walk in the neighborhood. In the neighbors driveway we heard a bunch of crows cawing and looked over to see the huge wingspan of a barred owl flying down and landing on a cement wall not 20 feet away from us. I stood there in awe, feeling blessed and taking in the beauty of this creature who was sitting in the sun with the wind ruffling it's feathers. It was a rather lovely moment, one of those time standing still moments. I was left with the feeling that my design for the crown of the building was no mistake. I was excited to get inside and continue to work on it.

Panel 1 of 5

panel 1 of 5

panel 1 of 5

Panel 2 of 5 Branch

Panel 2 of 5 Feathers and Moon emerging

Panel 2 of 5

Panel 2 of 5 feathers and Moon emerging

Friday, March 27, 2015

All Free Time Gone to Glass

I have been working away over here (in my free 2 hours a day) on glass art. It feels REALLY good. I even like the projects I have been working on. I like the designs, the glass selections, and have had some good experiences talking and teaching all things glass. Finished up an Introduction to Glass Mosaics class last week. Having fun getting back into teaching although I may wait until I have my own studio again and focus on private workshops in the mean time. I also finished up a commissioned stained glass window that is shipping out today! I am super psyched about this piece but will hold off sharing pics until next week due to it being a surprise for the recipient (ordered by their loved one, so sweet!). Dying to share though. I am also making tons of progress on the window for our apartment building. The Owl window featured in previous entries is all cut out and ready for the grinder. More pics soon. Until then, here are some shots from the Introduction to Glass class. Congrats to the students on their first mosaics! And much thanks to the ReSOURCE for hosting the space!

Beginner student's first glass mosaic

Beginner students' playing with glass tesserae

Beginner students having fun with glass tesserae

Butterfly revealing itself during grouting

Proud beginner student's first mosaic art