Monday, March 30, 2015


Lately owls seem to be surrounding me. I have been working on the "Guardian Owl" window for the peak of our apartment building. It is coming along. My daughter has also begun to recognize owls in pictures and tossing out the more and more frequent "hoot, hoot" sound when she sees them. Yesterday, I was taking her for a quick walk in the neighborhood. In the neighbors driveway we heard a bunch of crows cawing and looked over to see the huge wingspan of a barred owl flying down and landing on a cement wall not 20 feet away from us. I stood there in awe, feeling blessed and taking in the beauty of this creature who was sitting in the sun with the wind ruffling it's feathers. It was a rather lovely moment, one of those time standing still moments. I was left with the feeling that my design for the crown of the building was no mistake. I was excited to get inside and continue to work on it.

Panel 1 of 5

panel 1 of 5

panel 1 of 5

Panel 2 of 5 Branch

Panel 2 of 5 Feathers and Moon emerging

Panel 2 of 5

Panel 2 of 5 feathers and Moon emerging

Friday, March 27, 2015

All Free Time Gone to Glass

I have been working away over here (in my free 2 hours a day) on glass art. It feels REALLY good. I even like the projects I have been working on. I like the designs, the glass selections, and have had some good experiences talking and teaching all things glass. Finished up an Introduction to Glass Mosaics class last week. Having fun getting back into teaching although I may wait until I have my own studio again and focus on private workshops in the mean time. I also finished up a commissioned stained glass window that is shipping out today! I am super psyched about this piece but will hold off sharing pics until next week due to it being a surprise for the recipient (ordered by their loved one, so sweet!). Dying to share though. I am also making tons of progress on the window for our apartment building. The Owl window featured in previous entries is all cut out and ready for the grinder. More pics soon. Until then, here are some shots from the Introduction to Glass class. Congrats to the students on their first mosaics! And much thanks to the ReSOURCE for hosting the space!

Beginner student's first glass mosaic

Beginner students' playing with glass tesserae

Beginner students having fun with glass tesserae

Butterfly revealing itself during grouting

Proud beginner student's first mosaic art

Monday, March 9, 2015

Introduction to Glass Mosaic this weekend!

Class is on this weekend!

Introduction to Glass Mosaics

Don't be afraid to work with glass! Learn the tools & tricks of the trade in this 2-day workshop. Create a mosaic on a 10" x 10" wooden square or a 3-D wooden birdhouse using broken stained glass shards and gems. Beginners welcome.  No experience necessary. All materials provided including a large selection of colorful glass scrap to work with.

Day 1: Learn, Design and Create your Mosaic

Day 2: Grout and Share 

Where: ReSOURCE in Barre, Vermont
When: March 14th, 1-4pm and 21st 1-3pm
$55/ Student

3 spaces left!

 To sign up, comment here, email me at, or swing into the 
ReSOURCE in Barre.

This workshop be arranged as a private workshop. Email me for more information at

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Loving this new stained glass and my first since having had a little baby last year. I am finding that I really love the stained glass process over mosaic. It is where my real skills lie. This design came together fast and the pieces are cut. One trip up to Ribbecke Studios in Burlington for background glass and solder and it is now ready for grinding.