Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sip and Mosaic with The Green CLoset in Waitsfield

Join me on October 13th from 6-9pm at The Sweet Spot in Waitsfield, Vt. for a "Sip and Mosaic" workshop hosted by The Green Closet! 

Spend a few hours with friends and neighbors, learning and crafting a one-of-a-kind mosaic art piece. Using a non grouted technique, participants complete a colorful 6" x 6" framed mosaic. We will use a basic quick and fun technique where you will lay your tiles into a bed of tile adhesive. You will be provided with a selection of brightly colored glass tiles and beads to choose from. Cost: $38 and includes 2+ hours of professional instruction, all supplies, an original mosaic created by YOU to take home, a drink ticket & loads of laughter! The Sweet Spot bar will remain open for purchasing additional drinks. This is a beginner project! All are welcome! All materials provided.
Hosted by The Green Closet and The Sweet Spot.

or call The Green Closet @
(802) 496-4333

Check out these past Student works!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Feeling Colorful

This week I am feeling colorful I guess. I had a vision of a design and ran with it. It fell in line with a topic of study given out by an online art study group I am involved with. This month's theme was "Water" and while this piece is very abstract it reminds me of a sun spray on the ocean. It reminds me of many things. I has a spirit, like as Sun Totem. I like it. It is bright. It is outside of my norm. I feel like the frame color was risky but I do enjoy the high contrast. Loving pinks with oranges and turquoise right now. Anyhoo, here ya go. Let me know what you think. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Like White Linens

I LOVE white lace curtains, tea stained ephemera and old crochet trimmed tea towels. I seek them out at yard sales and antique shops. I have made a few mosaics as of late that have this feel for me. It is a direction I am working towards. I would like to capture that essence eventually. At my wedding I shredded old white and off white fabrics and lace and created a banner to hang on the porch. It made me very happy.


The tattered fabrics and lace that I made for my wedding day. Photo Credit: Jennifer Marcuson

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Collection of Treasures in Custom Frames

We decided recently in my family to team up on some projects. My husband, an engineer and carpenter, builds the frames for my mosaic art commissions. I asked him if he could build me a bunch of blank framed boards to create some works on. I was planning to dive into my boxes and boxes of broken dishes, found objects and tile. And so, this is what we did.

I really wanted the pieces of tesserae to do the work. I went through a few different "issues" with these. I wanted it to be a free form, "production" type project. I wanted to let go. Well this deemed itself more difficult than I imagined, as I tend to overthink things. I found myself making collections of items that went together, a pile of blues and a pile of reds for example. I was struggling, as it was turning into more thinking  and less working. Finally I came around to a realization. Mix the piles all up and start laying them down in their beds of adhesives. Go for it. See what happens. This is not always how I want to work but I wanted that for this particular project and was so quick to forget! You will see that some glass found it's way in with the square tiled backgrounds, and that there is definitely still some matchy-matchy happening. I can't let go that much!

A new endeavor for me was painting the frames. I had a really fun time experimenting with paint and sanding. I have never used paint much as a medium but found the dual colors fun and enjoyed the vintage-y barn look of sanding the edges. Most of these pieces are for sale on my Etsy page. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

A Commission- Watering for Growth

I began designing the 2016 Green Mountain Self Advocate (GMSA) Award in February of this year. I have made the three annual awards prior and they are given to the recipient each year at the organizations Voices and Choices Conference. Usually  talk with the Director and we come up with a design concept, something having to do with being an ally, lifting others up, supporting and being there with a helping hand. This year it came to me right away as I was getting excited for garden season. I thought of a watering can watering a garden with words of encouragement. I sent the idea to GMSA and they loved it.

I used a different technique to create my pattern. I really wanted to achieve the layering of the flowers and as I am not a great off the cuff artist, I actually layered my flowers, drawing each one individually and cutting them out.

Chose my glass and got to work.

Custom made word tiles.

Grouting day!

Studio Assistant

Completion! It was given at the 2016 Voices and Choices Conference in Burlington, Vermont. and from what I hear it was well received! Thanks again GMSA for the confidence in my work!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Special Gift for a Friend!

Here is a sweet little heart in a custom frame to share with you. It was made for a friend and I think it is just darling!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Art Winds

I wanted to learn to make feathers in glass. For years I drew feathers but they looked like leaves. Being busy these days I dream of having the time to not only make art for commissions but to actually study my craft. I wanted to study feathers. For me studying means having a deadline and maybe some additional discussion. Such as a book club. You are given a book, everyone reads, you come back and discuss. I took these thoughts to my trusty collective of creatives. I wanted to create a group for other creative types where we offer a theme every month and by the end of the month we are invited to create a work in the medium of our choice and then share it with the group. This giving the opportunity to study for a moment what it is that you do, whether that be photography, painting, dancing, writing, what have you. So we created a Facebook group and an Instagram page, (which was a first for me and took a lot of brain power to wrap my head around), invited friends and artists and announced a theme. Feathers.

created by the lovely and talented Jennifer Marcuson

 I thought about a cutting technique that was feathery in it's shape. I tried that out. It evolved and ended up in this feather here. Remember this is just a quick study. One month deadline, not paid work just practice with my medium. A couple of major points I learned about making feathers; the little puffy feathers at the base and the occasional splits in the sides create that feather look in art. I also really enjoyed the cutting technique of chopping tons of these little feathery pieces and fitting them together like a puzzle. I plan to make feathers again for sure as I love them and I now feel that I have a formula to work with.

 The March theme of Art Winds is FIRE and I will share my piece next time. Check out the Art Winds group and join us in our studies!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Study in Hearts

I am currently working on a mosaic about LOVE and raw truth. Wholesome real LOVE. Can't wait to share but it is a gift so until then, I will share with you some of the lovely heart art that I have been finding out there in the world (online world). Check out my new inspiration Pinterest Board, "Hearts" for some of the designs I love. Credits to all artists represented can be found when following the links to each individual posted work.

Larger works for sale on ETSY

We now officially will ship larger works of art beginning with this original stained glass panel available at my Etsy shop. We are so excited to offer this piece. Please contact me through my etsy site with questions regarding purchase or shipping. 

(Locals can visit this piece at Global Gifts in Montpelier Vermont and receive a great deal.)
Serenity- Stained glass panel framed in Re-Purposed sash