Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Study in Hearts

I am currently working on a mosaic about LOVE and raw truth. Wholesome real LOVE. Can't wait to share but it is a gift so until then, I will share with you some of the lovely heart art that I have been finding out there in the world (online world). Check out my new inspiration Pinterest Board, "Hearts" for some of the designs I love. Credits to all artists represented can be found when following the links to each individual posted work.

Larger works for sale on ETSY

We now officially will ship larger works of art beginning with this original stained glass panel available at my Etsy shop. We are so excited to offer this piece. Please contact me through my etsy site with questions regarding purchase or shipping. 

(Locals can visit this piece at Global Gifts in Montpelier Vermont and receive a great deal.)
Serenity- Stained glass panel framed in Re-Purposed sash