Saturday, March 26, 2016

Art Winds

I wanted to learn to make feathers in glass. For years I drew feathers but they looked like leaves. Being busy these days I dream of having the time to not only make art for commissions but to actually study my craft. I wanted to study feathers. For me studying means having a deadline and maybe some additional discussion. Such as a book club. You are given a book, everyone reads, you come back and discuss. I took these thoughts to my trusty collective of creatives. I wanted to create a group for other creative types where we offer a theme every month and by the end of the month we are invited to create a work in the medium of our choice and then share it with the group. This giving the opportunity to study for a moment what it is that you do, whether that be photography, painting, dancing, writing, what have you. So we created a Facebook group and an Instagram page, (which was a first for me and took a lot of brain power to wrap my head around), invited friends and artists and announced a theme. Feathers.

created by the lovely and talented Jennifer Marcuson

 I thought about a cutting technique that was feathery in it's shape. I tried that out. It evolved and ended up in this feather here. Remember this is just a quick study. One month deadline, not paid work just practice with my medium. A couple of major points I learned about making feathers; the little puffy feathers at the base and the occasional splits in the sides create that feather look in art. I also really enjoyed the cutting technique of chopping tons of these little feathery pieces and fitting them together like a puzzle. I plan to make feathers again for sure as I love them and I now feel that I have a formula to work with.

 The March theme of Art Winds is FIRE and I will share my piece next time. Check out the Art Winds group and join us in our studies!