Monday, June 27, 2016

A Commission- Watering for Growth

I began designing the 2016 Green Mountain Self Advocate (GMSA) Award in February of this year. I have made the three annual awards prior and they are given to the recipient each year at the organizations Voices and Choices Conference. Usually  talk with the Director and we come up with a design concept, something having to do with being an ally, lifting others up, supporting and being there with a helping hand. This year it came to me right away as I was getting excited for garden season. I thought of a watering can watering a garden with words of encouragement. I sent the idea to GMSA and they loved it.

I used a different technique to create my pattern. I really wanted to achieve the layering of the flowers and as I am not a great off the cuff artist, I actually layered my flowers, drawing each one individually and cutting them out.

Chose my glass and got to work.

Custom made word tiles.

Grouting day!

Studio Assistant

Completion! It was given at the 2016 Voices and Choices Conference in Burlington, Vermont. and from what I hear it was well received! Thanks again GMSA for the confidence in my work!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Special Gift for a Friend!

Here is a sweet little heart in a custom frame to share with you. It was made for a friend and I think it is just darling!