Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Collection of Treasures in Custom Frames

We decided recently in my family to team up on some projects. My husband, an engineer and carpenter, builds the frames for my mosaic art commissions. I asked him if he could build me a bunch of blank framed boards to create some works on. I was planning to dive into my boxes and boxes of broken dishes, found objects and tile. And so, this is what we did.

I really wanted the pieces of tesserae to do the work. I went through a few different "issues" with these. I wanted it to be a free form, "production" type project. I wanted to let go. Well this deemed itself more difficult than I imagined, as I tend to overthink things. I found myself making collections of items that went together, a pile of blues and a pile of reds for example. I was struggling, as it was turning into more thinking  and less working. Finally I came around to a realization. Mix the piles all up and start laying them down in their beds of adhesives. Go for it. See what happens. This is not always how I want to work but I wanted that for this particular project and was so quick to forget! You will see that some glass found it's way in with the square tiled backgrounds, and that there is definitely still some matchy-matchy happening. I can't let go that much!

A new endeavor for me was painting the frames. I had a really fun time experimenting with paint and sanding. I have never used paint much as a medium but found the dual colors fun and enjoyed the vintage-y barn look of sanding the edges. Most of these pieces are for sale on my Etsy page. 

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