About the Crafter

I learned stained glass in Berkeley, California when I was hired to work at the Stained Glass Garden. They taught me how to build stained glass windows and mosaic art and before long I was teaching and selling my own work. I was drawn not just to the beauty of the glass but to the craftsmanship and skills. I took pride in my ability to cut glass into precise shapes and build pictures one piece at a time. Eventually I went freelance selling my one of a kind pieces at craft shows and stores, creating commissions, working in restoration with Starbow Studios out of Concord, Ca., and building for the amazing commission artist Sabina Frank. I also took on hours as studio assistant and store manager at Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, Ca., surrounded by incredible mosaic artists such as then owner Laurel True of TrueMosaics. 

When I moved back to the East Coast, I ended up in Vermont where I was reacquainted with my love of seasons and antiquity, farmscapes and gardening, delicate floral teacups and lace curtains. I settled in Vermont, married and became a mother. Currently I work with my husband and family restoring an old building and recently purchased some fairly untouched land. My artworks have softened and combine my technical skills with materials such as broken teacups and dishes.

Currently I am creating one of a kind works of art, taking commissions, and occasionally teaching workshops.

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